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Being an English major while starting her own blog, Faith knows and loves the power of written words. But as she began blog management for an indie faith-based publishing company, she discovered words can elevate your brand by breaking the wall between you and your audience. Your business can become more than just a product, it can become a resource for your community and a place of connection for online businesses.

Faith's approach is simple: your voice deserves to be heard.

It doesn’t matter if your third-grade teacher convinced you that you were a horrible writer or if you’ve been horrified that you won’t get the thoughts from your head onto the paper just because you are apart of a certain demographic. With the right writing strategies, your business can thrive.

Fun Facts About Faith

  • She is a plant mom of 12 (and always looking for an excuse to get more)

  • If I could live anywhere, it would be near the beach (beach bum all day)

  • God gave her the idea for Called2Create as she was completing her M.A. in English at Winthrop University

  • She loves going to Optimist Hall in Charlotte, NC (if only they would give her a sponsorship *wink wink)

  • She loves K-Pop and watching K-dramas (GOT 7 is her favorite KPop group)

  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker inspired her to become a writer

Called2Create, LLC is here to serve minority mission-based businesses who have stories but who might be afraid to get personal. Your business language doesn’t have to be formal to make an impact. We’re here to provide purpose-filled content and blog management strategies that elevates your blog into a consistent and reliable resource for your audience.

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Are you ready for your words to bring your business growth?
Let’s get started.
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