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Hour of Power

If you find yourself struggling with a blog post but haven't had the time to really work on it, this is the time for you. If you're looking for personal 1-1 time where we work on your content live, it's time for your hour of power.

*reserved for Saturdays only

Price: $250


First you will fill out the form so that I can be fully prepared for the meeting. Hour of power meetings must be scheduled 10 days in advance. This allows us enough time to meet and submit the necessary documents needed before getting to work on Saturday.


Let's Rock and Roll

I will send the Zoom link the week of the meeting and we will begin working on whatever you bring to our meeting! It will be a live session for us to get work done and for you to ask any questions you need.


Meeting Wrap Up

I will send off a document regarding a wrap-up and some key takeaways that will help you move forward. If you're ready for some of my services, we can work on that too.

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