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Who works at Called 2 Create?

We have one full-time employee, the founder and head writer/editor Faith Rush.


What type of written content do you provide?

I provide blogs, website copy, and website content management for businesses. Click here to learn about them in detail.

How much are your services?

Click here to learn more about all the services I offer and prices. Prices vary depending on the service.

How much do you require upon booking?

50% of the fee is required upon booking. The payment will be made during the contract signing period to secure your plan so we can move forward accordingly.

Do you have a late fee?

The contract must be signed within 24-48 hours of our start date. The start date for my services will be on the after the contract has been submitted. If the contract isn't submitted within that time period there will be an additional 10% added to the final cost for every day it's late.

If you're having troubles with the contract or you just have life going on, let me know! I'm flexible. But with no prior notice, the 10% will be added on.

Do you have a rush fee?

Yes. My rush fee is 20% of the price of your service. This, along with the booking fee will be required upon the contract signing period.

Do you write book manuscript submission queries?

I don’t write them, but I will have some freebies for you here. I offer assistance with book manuscript queries in my content editing service, so don’t worry. The same goes for all my writers trying to submit to literary journals and magazines :)

Do you need to choose both beta reading and content editing if we want you to read through our work?

No. The content editing includes a blind read of the work and additional services. If you would like me to read your work as an audience member, I suggest choosing beta reading.

What's the difference between proofreading and content editing?

With proofreading, I am looking specifically for grammatical errors. This would be perfect if you are in the final stages of your work and need another pair of eyes to look at it. In addition to that, content editing looks at sentence structure and the overall clarity of your work.

Do you review professional contracts?

Yes, I offer proofreading services for contract review. But I do not have a law degree or any experience with being a lawyer. If you are looking for specific assistance with developing your contract, I suggest hiring a lawyer to help you.

Do you offer one-time blog services outside of the packages?

Yes, but if you are looking for more consistency, I suggest the blog content management.

What is on your blog?

Yes! My blog is a place where I have resources for college students and aspiring writers, my creative writing, and so much more! So check out my blog to see what I got. I hope you find something you like. 


Do you offer guest writing on your blog?

Not at the moment, but because Called 2 Create is a place of collaboration, we will be accepting guest writing soon :) Check our social media for more details.

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Additional Questions?

Got a question that's not answered here? Hit me up on the Let's Chat feature or shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

"The answers are all out there, we just 

need to ask the right questions"

Oscar Wilde

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